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Acupuncture Barcelona – Specialist for fertility treatment

Sandra Eberhard holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Wales (United Kingdom). Her main objective is to help people improve their well-being. As a specialist in fertility treatment and acupuncture, her main goal is to help couples fulfil their dream of becoming parents. The treatment is about improving the natural cycle with TCM and therefore increasing the possibility of a pregnancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture as an “alternative” or “complementary” medicine to the treatment of numerous disorders and generally recognizes acupuncture as a health support.

The WHO promotes the integration of TCM as an important part of the health system and builds on the work published in 2008 at the WHO Congress of Traditional Medicine.

Symptoms that can be treated with TCM include: migraines or headaches, allergies, anxiety, indigestion, difficulty quitting smoking and general other discomforts that can affect your personal well-being.

TCM supports couples who strive to have children. According to research in Germany, alternative medicine is a useful way to increase fertility in a natural way.

Acupuncture stimulates the blood circulation in the womb and will help to relax the body and muscles. This facilitates the fertilisation and the implantation of the embryo and generally helps to improve the quality of the egg cells. These factors are important to increase the chances of a pregnancy and to lower the abortion rate (miscarriage rate).

Depending on the situation, it can also be recommended for the partner to follow acupuncture treatment to improve the quality of the sperm, especially when the couple tries to achieve a natural pregnancy.

In the world of reproductive medicine, more emphasis is being placed on acupuncture due to its proven success rates in cases of in-vitro treatments (IVF), or inseminations, as well as other techniques of reproductive treatments.

There are also several studies that recommend acupuncture before and after the embryo transfer to increase the success rate of the embryo implantation.

Sandra Eberhard, fertility specialist, seeks to help and support couples or mothers looking for either, a natural pregnancy, or one through the assistance of reproductive medicine (IVF or insemination)

The program for fertility treatment in Barcelona is not only based on acupuncture treatments, Sandra is a TCM therapist and nurse who has gained invaluable experience over the years in these fields, while also acting in a consultancy function as well.

Sandra can help you with dietary changes to improve fertility or give general advice on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The cycle control in the treatment is usually carried out by a daily temperature control. In the fertility program you will understand more about your cycle and also learn how to identify your fertile days.

In the Fertility Program, your body will be prepared for both a natural pregnancy, as well as with reproduction techniques such as IVF. Not only does TCM treatment help increase your chances of getting pregnant, the acupuncture can also help with the development of the embryo and fetus during the pregnancy, as well as giving relief from general symptoms such as nausea and constipation during the pregnancy. It can also help to support your body in preparation for the birth.

If you are only in Barcelona for a few days for an IVF treatment, Sandra can help prepare your body for the embryo transfer.


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